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The Waves of the North CoastBorn in 1946 in Santa Monica, California, George Smith has been influenced by the sea—it's color, it's power and it's texture. "I've always loved the ocean," Smith says from his Cazadero, California retreat. "I see myself as an inventor of sorts, and that's the way I create art."

Clearly breaking new ground in this Colorists' technique, honed over 37 years, it centers on oil pastels, an uncommon artist medium. "Being in a clear frame of mind is central to my painting—landscape or wave—feeling the emotions—it's something more than the subject going on."

The materials used are simple; oil pastel sticks (Holbein and Caran d'Ache brands), blending stomps, and a single razor. No turpentine, no mediums, no brushes. Just pure pastel technique.

Oil pastels, 37 years of color and art refinement, and the love of the ocean all have fused into Smith's sweeping depictions of nature.

"Zack was of medium height and wiry thin build with short brown hair, a dark thin beard, and radiating blue eyes. Zack's stare could be mistaken for disapproval, but business was his true expression. He seemed much older than I, but the difference in our ages was only half as long as the 19 years I had been alive."

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Contact Information:
Address: George Smith
7 Spring Hill Dr
Cazadero, CA 95421
Phone: (707) 632-5806
All paintings are done on Crescent art boards.

Early pieces done on #114, #115, #5112, and #5115 watercolor board, as well as #987 and #1000 matboard. Most of the paintings seen here are done on #112 and #5117 watercolor board.

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